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10 Water-Based Activities You Can Do in the Maldives
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The stunning Maldives is most known for being a tropical destination that you go for some serious rest and relaxation. Think lounging on swaying hammocks, indulging in massages and spa treatments, and sipping on fruity cocktails at sunset. But as well as these lazy days, the Maldives also offers a huge array of water-based activities for more of an adrenaline fix.

Many of the larger Maldives resorts have their own water-sports centre which comes fully equipped with a huge range of equipment that you can hire for an under or over-water adventure. If you’re thinking of booking an all-inclusive Maldives resort, then many of these activities are often included in the package price. Some of the water outings such as scuba diving courses or sunset cruises, will often require an extra fee. But there are so many water-based activities available in the Maldives that you’ll often have difficulty fitting them all in one vacation. Read on for our top 10 favourite water-based activities that you can do in the Maldives.


Scuba Diving

If you take a look at any of the best-ranked scuba diving destinations in the world, often the Maldives sits pretty high on the list. The warm, sparkling waters of the Indian Ocean provide the perfect conditions for a thriving underwater world filled with marine life including turtles, rays, eels, dolphins, and sharks (the friendly kind).

Almost all of the large Maldives resorts have their own PADI certified dive centre where you can enroll in a number of dives and courses. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never even dived in your life, as these centres will have classes to teach newbies. Some even have special training pools where you can learn the techniques and get comfortable with breathing underwater before you actually go out for a shallow dive. And there’s also plenty on offer for the more advanced diver, just make sure that you have your PADI certification so that you can show it to the dive centre when you arrive.

Some resorts actually specialise in having a large program of dives. If you are thinking of picking a Maldives resort then it’s always a good idea to check there are either house reefs or nearby coral reefs which are home to a variety of marine life. Some of the more unusual dives that you can partake in include night dives, deep dives, wreck dives, and the likes. Scuba diving adventures can be enjoyed all year round, but the best time is considered to be between January and April when the waters are calmer and clearer. However, this is also Maldives High season, so do be prepared to pay a little extra for your Maldives resort.


Six Senses Laamu is surrounded by pristine coral gardens and one of the biggest variety of marine life in the Maldives. Click here to see photos and the latest rates on Six Senses Laamu.





If you love marveling at beautiful tropical fish, but you’re not quite confident enough to go scuba diving, then there’s always snorkeling. All Maldives resorts have snorkeling equipment that is available for you to hire, or if you plan on doing a lot of it then you may even want to bring your own set from home. Flippers are also provided to help you to swim out in the ocean, but just make sure that you never accidentally step on any of the living corals as the ecosystem is very fragile here.

A lot of the Maldives resorts have a house ref located just out from the beach, so you can actually swim out in your own time. Many of the top Maldives resorts also offer snorkeling boat trips which stop at the most famous snorkeling hotspots in the area, and also often include things like a fully cooked barbecue lunch or a sunset dinner. If you plan on going doing a lot of snorting then we definitely recommend either bringing along a waterproof GoPro or purchasing from waterproof housing for your camera so that you can take photographs of some of the wonderful marine life.




Kayaking is also particularly popular water-based activity in the Maldives, which allows you to paddle around the island and take in the palm trees and sugary sand beaches from a different point of view. Not only is kayaking fun, but it’s also a pretty good workout that helps you to keep in shape. Some Maldives resorts even offer see-through kayaks, so you can pedal out into the Azure Waters of the Indian Ocean and also get a glimpse of what swimming underneath you. Just make sure that you stay protected while out on the Ocean by wearing a hat and being adequately protected with some natural sunscreen.



Glass Bottom Boat

If you really like the idea of a see-through kayak, but perhaps don’t have the energy or just want to sit back and relax as someone else do the hard work then you might like to go on a glass bottom boat adventure. These boats provide comfortable seating along with clear glass paneling at the bottom of the boat which lets you view the rainbow-colored fish and corals that pass right underneath your feet. A glass bottom boat adventure is also suitable for those who cannot swim. Many Maldives resorts have packages that include a ride in a glass bottom boat complete with cooked beach lunch so you can enjoy an afternoon out.


Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is not a particularly popular water-based activity in the Maldives as is it in some of the other tropical destinations around the world. This is simply because jet skis can cause a lot of noise, and if you’re staying in a very small Maldives resort than this can be problematic for other guests. Saying this, some of the larger Maldives resorts such as the wonderful One and Only Reeth Rah actually allow guests to rent out jet skis and have a bit of fun out on the ocean. Jet skis are an excellent choice if you’re a bit of an adrenaline junkie and you want to whizz over the ocean at a pretty high-speed, perhaps with a loved on the back! Click here to check out the latest rates on celebrity hotspot, the One and Only Reethi Rah.



Banana Boats

If you really want to laugh until your stomach hurts, then sign up for a banana boat ride! This is a really fun thing to do if you’re travelling to the Maldives with your whole family. It involves cleaning on for dear life onto an inflatable boat that is shaped like a banana. The banana boat is attached to another speedboat which will pull you around the island. Be prepared to fall in during this as it’s all part of the fun! The best time to head out on a banana boat ride it between the months of April and October, however, it is often available year round. Resorts that offer banana boating include the fabulous Centara Grand Resort.



Underwater Walking

One activity that’s becoming more and more popular in the Maldives is that of underwater walking. It’s a pretty unique experience, and perhaps you’ve seen some images of it on social media. It involves putting on a special sealed oxygen mask which provides you with the air so that you can actually walk underwater. Unlike scuba diving, you can’t go very deep when you do this and you have to make sure that you hold onto the rope to be able to walk along the bottom of the ocean. So it’s a pretty unusual experience and make some great memories with your friends and family. It’s also good for those who want to perhaps try scuba diving but are a little scared to begin with. Underwater walking can be done by people of all ages. The best time to try some underwater walking as between the months of January and April. It will often come with an additional fee to your Maldives resort cost. Sea Trek are providers of the underwater helmets, and have several location in the Maldives and around the world.





If you’re looking for a real thrill, and also want to improve your balancing skills then you might want to try your hand at kitesurfing. This involves being attached to a small board with a huge kite that allows you to skim across the ocean at superfast speeds. It’s a very satisfying sport but also one that requires a little skill, so you may need to enroll in a couple of lessons with your resort instructor in order to be able to get the hang of it. The best time for kitesurfing is when the souther-westerly winds arrive during the low season between the months of April and October, although some Maldives resorts are able to offer a year-round. If you are really interested in going to a Maldives resort to kitesurf, then you may want to take a look at booking  a stay at the W Maldives.




Similar to kitesurfing — but apparently a little easier to get the hang — of is windsurfing. This is a wonderful sport to try out even if it’s the first time while you’re on vacation in the Maldives. There’s nothing quite like enjoying the cool breeze as you sail over the Indian Ocean with the Maldivian sun beaming down on you. Again the water sports Centre will often have highly qualified instructors who will be on hand to help you to learn the basics of windsurfing you can head out on the waters alone.

The best time to do this is between the months of May and October when the winds do actually pick up, but again some Maldives resorts are able to offer a year-round based on the location. If you have your heart set on trying windsurfing on your next more these occasions then one of the best and most luxurious Maldives resorts for this is the Conrad Maldives.



Catamaran Sailing

And last but they certainly no means least on a list of water-based activities in the Maldives is catamaran sailing. This is a more relaxing water outing that really allows you to sit back relax and soak up those billion dollar views. Most of the best Maldives resorts will have some form of a sunset catamaran package which includes champagne, a set menu and even some sunset chill-out tunes to help get the atmosphere going. You can also choose to hire out a private catamaran wine have your own personal captain take you out and around your Maldives resort Island.


Catamaran sailing is something that should definitely be on your Maldives checklist, as it’s such a wonderful experience to lounge on the netting as you skim over the ocean. Constance Moofushi resort has a wonderful selection of catamarans activities to choose from.





There you have it, our top 10 list of water-based activities in the Maldives, but this list is not extensive and there are actually many more from you to choose from. Another really fun activity is jetpacks. You can actually have a lesson and then head out onto the water and use these jetpacks to just hover above it’s like some sort of Superhero! Whatever Maldives resort you choose to go for, they’re bound to have at least some of these activities listed above.

Have you been to the Maldives before? What’s your favourite water-based activity there let us know in the comments section below. And if you need a little help extra help booking your upcoming more days holiday, then you may want to check out this article that lists some the top Maldives resorts for snorkelling and diving. Enjoy!

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